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My books are written from an African American perspective on the Black Experience.  They represent an insight into our contemporary and past history by featuring events and people of color who have previously and presently contribute to the continuum of racial equality and parity at every level of human interaction. 

Black Woman: The Quintessential Embodiment of Hope

ISBN: 979-8-218-08446-2



Sankofa Black Man (Front Cover) January

Sankofa Black Man

This research uncovers the "Unrecorded" preternatural unity between Black Men, Women and Children (During the Long Night of Slavery) that White Historians purposely omitted from our rich Black History. It will once and for all, dismiss the fallacy that Black Alpha Males passively participated in the enslavement of his people. "It is a truth waiting to be told".... 

Black America - The 21st Century
ISBN: 978-0-578-61186-0

This exegesis is both a contemporary and historical visitation of African
Americans who have faced insurmountable obstacles in America as they
stood toe-to- toe with the resurgence of indigenous terrorism, discrimination
and open blatant racism. Empowered by the African American Experience
they collectively and individually issued an uncompromised demand for
racial equality…By Any Means Necessary.


ISBN: 978-0-692-75940-0

A historical examination of the persevering power of the “African American Experience." This exegesis examines the preternatural courage of African Americans who conquered the deficits of blatant racism and marginalization in America.



ISBN: 1-934155-18-7

An exegesis solely dedicated to acknowledging the positive contributions of African American Males in restoring and rebuilding the African American Village Community.  



ISBN: 978-0-615-47741-1

Base on “Courage Under Fire” this excellent exegesis features the positive contributions of African American Women & Men and their exemplary stand for racial equality.   



ISBN: 0-974900-08-7

A holistic historical unveiling of the plight of the endangered human species-African American Males. This exegesis revisits the Glass Ceiling Policies implemented by the powers that be in America.   $14.95 

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